Waste Management

Waste reduction, diversion and recycling program. Reducing waste and creating sustainability helps organisations reduce costs and improve their image.

Waste management

Total waste solutions

Waste reduction, diversion and recycling programs reduce waste impact on the environment, which is fast becoming a major factor. Our comprehensive programs ensure waste becomes new products or commodities wherever possible.

Zero waste goals

A zero waste environment means that all industrial byproducts are recycled and repurposed. Zero landfill means increasing diversion rates to 100%.

Lively Group WM provides end to end solutions to waste management. Our constant goal is zero waste, ensuring that waste is recycled into new products or commodities wherever possible.

We help organisations achieve zero waste and zero landfill environments by providing electronic waste recycling and industrial recycling.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting

Reporting sustainability metrics is becoming a standard practice for many organisations. Regulatory agencies now require reporting EHS performance data; many customers, partners and investors are now requesting this data as well.

There are numerous benefits to having detailed information on sustainability. Sustainability reporting can be complex, and should be integrated with regulatory reporting to lessen the chances of conflicting data.

Lively Group WM can help organisations with new or existing sustainability reporting structures.

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